The hot stone massage is a very popular type of massage therapy that has been practised for centuries. It was first developed in Japan, but many people now practice it all around the world. There are several benefits to getting a hot stone massage: reduced muscle tension increased circulation, and decreased stress levels. This blog post will discuss how a hot stone massage works, what to look for when you’re picking out someone to give you one, and who should get them!

what are hot stones?

Hot stones are a type of natural therapy that is either placed on the skin or used to massage muscles.

The hot stones can be heated up by running them underwater, being placed in boiling water for a period of time then placing them out until they cool down enough to handle. The therapist will then use these stones during the massage.

The stones can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. The therapist will use these for the massage that they are performing on their client.

choosing the right therapist for you

For most people, finding the perfect therapist is a difficult task. The best way to find one that fits your needs and desires is by asking around or searching online for reviews on them. When you schedule an appointment with a new therapist it’s important to ask questions like: Does this person have experience? What techniques does he/she perform and how often will I be seeing this therapist? Is there anything that they cannot perform or are not comfortable with? Once you have an idea of what techniques the massage therapist uses, it’s important to decide if those methods work for you.

history of the hot stone massage

The hot stone massage was first started in the 1980s by John Parra and has since grown into a many thousand dollar industries. The original idea of this type of treatment came about because Parra wanted to use stones from his garden as part of his treatments but people were reluctant to get on the ground with dirt, bugs, and other icky things all around them.

Since then this style of massage treatment has become popular around the world as people are looking for something different from traditional massage. This is because hot stone massages can help with pain and tension but also with healing emotional pain and other problems.

Benefits of hot stone massage

The benefits of a hot stone massage are quite simple. and they are presented prominently on many massage therapy websites and include:

A hot stone massage can relieve muscle pain, improve blood flow, increase relaxation. These benefits will vary from person to person depending on the needs of their individual bodies. The use of hot stones is perfectly safe and should not cause discomfort.

In order to get the full benefits of a hot stone massage, it is important that you remain still throughout the procedure.

The best way to achieve this would be to lie on your stomach and have an article of clothing draped over them so they are not in direct contact with anything except the stones themselves. This is a little more difficult for men to do, but it is possible.

Lying on your back could also be another option and this can work well if you are pregnant or have had recent surgery.

It may take some time at first before you feel the benefits of a hot stone massage, but eventually, they will become noticeable as the muscles

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