Frozen Shoulder: What, Why and How Sports Massage Helps


Frozen shoulder is a common injury that can happen to anyone. There are many causes of frozen shoulders, but they all have the same symptoms: pain and stiffness in the shoulder blade. If left untreated, it will only worsen over time because of how this injury affects your rotator cuff muscles. Sports massage therapy has been shown to be very effective at helping improve these symptoms while also preventing future injuries from happening!

Symptoms of a frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder is a condition where the top part of your arm bone (the ball) and your shoulder blade (shoulder socket or iliac crest) are stuck together by scar tissue which causes pain when you try to move your arm in any direction. Frozen shoulders develop gradually over time with no

-Painful, stiff and limited range of motion in the shoulder

-Numbness or tingling sensation around the outer side of your arm. This can extend from one finger to your entire arm.

It’s possible for someone with a frozen shoulder to have some pain on both sides of their body because there is inflammation on both sides.

This injury usually lasts around six months, though it can last longer. But using a sports massage can help.

The goal of a sports massage is to improve muscle flexibility, joint mobility and circulation. They can also help with localized inflammation which will decrease pain in the shoulder area.

It’s important to give yourself time throughout the day for self-massage because they are an inexpensive way to reduce or eliminate your own symptoms. All you need is to look up some self-massage techniques on the internet.

There are many different types of sports massage, but deep tissue is often used to treat frozen shoulder because it helps break down scar tissues and adhesions which can restrict movement in your upper arm and hand muscles.

It’s important that you don’t try this yourself if you’re not trained as the therapist that offers these treatments.

If you suffer from frozen shoulder, this is the type of massage that can help reduce your symptoms and get back to a more active lifestyle – look for someone who specializes in sports massages near me so you don’t have to travel very far!

Does a sports massage hurt?

This blog post is meant to clear up some misconceptions about sports massage. Some people think that a sports massage will hurt, but this isn’t true! A great thing about doing a sports massage for the first time is you can always say “no” at any point if it starts hurting or feels uncomfortable. A good therapist will know exactly how much pressure to apply and done in a professional manner.

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