A sports massage is a deep tissue massage. It will help to relieve any tension and tightness in the muscles due to repetitive use, injury or overuse. The goal of this type of massage is for you to feel more relaxed and less pain from your muscle injuries or soreness. If someone has been experiencing acute pain that interferes with day to day life

how are injuries formed?

Injuries are a natural part of sport. In competitive sports, an injury will occur in about one out of every four games and less than two percent of all athletes can expect to play without ever having any injuries. Over the course of their careers, they’ll average 12-20 injuries per year. Some can be career-ending if playing in a professional field.

Injuries are formed when there is some type of pull, twist, or compression to the body tissues. When this happens in sports it’s usually due to an awkward landing from a jump (landing on one foot) or missing your footing because you stepped off a curb too quickly and slipped onto your back. These injuries can be treated with medication, surgery or a sports massage which is a natural approach to help heal.

Who can perform a sports massage?

Sports massage therapists usually have a degree in exercise science, kinesiology, or physical therapy. They need to be licensed and certified by the city that they practise.

Can a sports massage help?

A sports massage can help with many different injuries. These include muscle strains, joint pains and in some cases soreness from overuse or repetitive strain on a body part

The benefits of the massage are:

  • Improve blood flow to tissues which improves oxygenation and nutrient delivery for quicker healing times
  • Reduce inflammation by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions
  • Improve range of movement and flexibility by loosening up tight muscle groups
  • Reduce pain from injuries or overused muscles
  • Remove lactic acid build-up which can lead to soreness. It also helps improve recovery time after exercise, when used in conjunction with stretching exercises.

As you can see when used alongside medication or surgery or even on its own a sports massage is a great tool for helping manage an injury.

Where to get a sports massage near me

If you live in a city there is already a great chance there are plenty of amazing sports massage therapists ready to give you a helping hand. In London, there are many therapists listed on Treatwell, but there are also some good websites to find local therapists.

Pro Tip: Check out the website of your local running club or your chosen sport to find recommended sports massage therapists.

How long is a sports massage?

A sports massage will vary in length depending on the type of injury. If it is a long-term problem, you may need more than one and on a weekly basis. A session usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hour.

Some therapists will also offer a pre-or post-race massage if you are competing in your chosen sport. These are great to prevent any problems or fix problems before they become bigger problems.

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